Integrated Systems

Innovative site access and delivery management systems are carefully designed to curb operational overheads, streamline workforce accountability, eliminate delivery red-tape and reduce overall security costs for the construction industry.


Managed Services

A wide range of managed and maintained services are delivered with the help of integrated systems to promote site safety and proactively avert any potential threats to people and property without compromising quality.

Tailored Solutions

Formal consultations are carried out to learn and understand individual project requirements including size, duration and complexity from which scalable solutions are then carefully designed and rolled in a timely and logical manner.


What We Do

We have over ten years experience as a security systems supplier specialising in the development, deployment and management of integrated site access control and delivery management systems, services and solutions for the construction industry.

Access Control

Controlled access to and from the sites is enforced with gated barrier and biometric hand-key readers along with integrated audio and/ or video door entry systems allowing only authorised personnel to enter and exit the restricted areas for specific durations in designated time frames.

Video Surveillance

Site entry and exit points are constantly monitored for unusual or suspicious behaviour with the aid of intelligent visual and audio (CCTV) systems designed to analyse real-time or recorded video footage in conjunction with integrated access control systems and gated barriers.

Perimeter Protection

Site boundaries and demarcations are protected from unauthorised entry by dynamic fencing, signage and barrier systems alongside integrated access control systems that can be remotely monitored for any breaches or trespasses as they are approached.

Intrusion Detection

Access control systems are integrated with intrusion detection systems that monitor site entry and exit for unusual behaviour or policy violations and generate remote alarms as well as reports back to an alarm receiving centre or local site monitoring station.

Our Systems

We use technologically advanced hardware and management software systems to accurately identify, track and record personnel activity, all of which enhance overall site security, operational efficiency and personnel safety.

  • Readers

    Versatile hand and fingerprint scanners equipped with biometric technology are used to provide personal authentication in accessing restricted areas.

  • Turnstiles

    Mechanised indoor and outdoor metal gates in the form of full or half height turnstiles are used to restrict and regulate authorised site entry and exit.

  • Intercoms

    Integrated audio and video entry panels installed alongside readers and turnstiles are used for added visual and audible verification platform for site access.

  • Cameras

    Enahnced remotely monitored security cameras can be deployed alongside readers and turnstiles to offer intelligent surveillance to perimeter entry and exit points.


Our Features

We employ a range of cutting-edge systems that carry versatile functionality specifically designed to accommodate varied project requirements and withstand their enormous pressures for several years.

  • Biometric Technology

    Biological or biometric information is captured through a scanner that uses powerful technology to produce high quality images even with layers of residue on the skin.

  • Dynamic Software

    All systems come with fully integrated site management software that helps project managers measure operational performance as well key matrices with accuracy and detail.

  • Robust Database

    Systems are designed to simultaneously capture, store and access large volumes of data using reliable information databases and logical units for long periods of time.

  • Secure Storage

    Recorded information in the form of alarm data, video footage and site activity logs is securely captured, stored in the cloud and only accessible to authorised personnel.

  • Durable Hardware

    Hardware systems are designed to not only meet construction site standards but also resist adverse weather conditions, sustain heavy work loads and bar any form of tampering or unauthorised use.

  • Scalable Systems

    Our systems have the ability to scale along with increasing project requirements making it easier to deploy, move or even adjust when already assembled without much effort.

Our Solutions

Our simplified solutions which are specifically designed to primarily cater for access control within the construction industry give the site manager full operational control in handling vital information as well as providing value-added benefits for the project.

Delivery Management

Site deliveries are recorded, tracked and effectively managed to eliminate complexities brought about by administrative red-tape and maximise operational efficiency by ensuring the right personnel at the right time.

Workforce Management

Sites can consistently manage their workforce to restrict access to authorised personnel only and accurately carry out reports to know who’s on site, how far from the site they live, how long they travel and much more.

Security Management

Physical security is provided as a priority to restrict access to the sites and tailored solutions that include access control, intrusion detection, perimeter protection and video surveillance with remote monitoring are offered.

Health And Safety Management

Health and safety of staff can be managed to reduce site risks where accurate reports are produced to show the number of hours worked or to account for the workforce in the event of an incident or emergency.

Co2 Footprint Management

CO2 emissions and carbon footprints can be recorded to varying degrees of detail ranging from simple average mileage calculations to more complex ones based on vehicle and engine type.

Attendance Management

Site managers can accurately track personnel access days or times, and generate dynamic reports making it much easier to quickly account for all authorised personnel within the site perimeter.

Visitor Management

Visitors can be granted temporary access to the restricted site where visitng schedules are planned in advance where relevant passes with the required levels of access are issued for the duration of their stay.

Accreditation Management

Sites can be enforced to ensure all authorised personnel are issued with valid employee or CSCS cards and in line with the relevant issuing bodies where access is restricted to only those with valid accreditations.


This video security system can be installed anywhere there is a cell signal–no need for power cords, phone lines or internet services that construction sites, for example, often lack, especially in the early stages. Since construction sites, vacant building, substation and all outdoor sites are usually uncontrolled environments, video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms. It’s portability means it can be moved around as the project evolves – even if that means being installed months later at a brand new site!

Wired CCTV:

We offer the very latest in fully integrated, internet accessible CCTV technology. Our product range incorporates high specification CCTV and IP Cameras, including wireless camera technology with video transmitted in D1 through to HD quality. Optimum security supplies secturity uses the most advanced digital video recording devices ensuring high resolution data capture, excellent functionality and increased video storage with dual-stream video compression. Our CCTV packages come fully supplied with an on-site digital monitor, UPS battery back up for power cuts and surges and is supplied along with the latest in broadband technology for efficient day to day monitoring giving you the capability of monitoring workforce and site progress in real time.

Customer Testimonial

How We Work

We employ a project-based approach to planning and implementating tailored solutions that help the site manager secure the construction premises and at the same time achieve their operational targets on time without any compromise to the quality of the overall deployed service.

  • Day 1. Planning: Consult

    An initial consultation is carried out by our team to understand the security requirements based on the problems that the site needs to address, and also highlight the characteristics of the project like its sponsors, estimated duration, scale and assigned budget that will help determine the appropriate solution.

  • Day 2. Planning: Survey

    An in-depth site survey is then carried out as part of the planning process to further assess the feasibility of the solutions proposed in the consultation stage making sure that any physical or operational hinderances are addressed and dealt with well in advance of the deployment stage.

  • Day 3. Planning: Design

    It is at this stage that all information gathered in the preceeding stages is collated to design a tailored solution that addresses all security and safety concerns of the project before it is put forward in good time to the project manager for approval or further adjustments.

  • Day 4. Implementation: Deploy

    After the final solution has been agreed, systems are then deployed in a logical manner with the necessary hardware, including turnstiles, security cameras, sensors and intercoms, laid out alongisde all wiring connections to ensure a safe and secure environment before any tests can be initiated.

  • Day 5. Implementation: Commission

    The appropriate physical security services are commissioned over the systems once they have been laid out, physically connected and electronically tested for any defects or faults. In cases where the systems are locally managed, appropriate training is also given to authorised personnel at this stage.

  • Day 6. Implementation: Manage

    All services and systems are brought under appropriate management where site managers sign the deployment off as active after all necessary tests and training have been undertaken. The overall solution can be locally managed or remotely monitored, or both, depending on the security risks involved.

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